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Size: 20" x 24" x 1/2". Colours: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White Abstract Flowers. Price: $150.00
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Sandy Disher
November 30, 2023

Just an Update

Well, here I am again with my 6th blog.  Right now I am sitting in a Detroit airport waiting for my plane.

A recent death in my family has got me thinking about life and how it goes by so fast!  We really have no control over how long we will be here on this planet.  Most of us don’t even have goals to achieve during our brief visit.

I feel that my goal in my remaining time is to try and make people happy through Colour.  I would like to create pleasure when someone is looking at my paintings and maybe a little peacefulness.  God knows we need it in this world.

My Fantasy Chicken is almost finished and I will post it shortly.

I am making this a short note today.  Be kind to yourself and kind to others.  

I’m off to Vegas for a week to have some fun.

Come with me on my ride and let’s see what happens.  Have a question?  Just get in touch by filling out my Contact form.

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