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Sandy Disher
August 29, 2023

Musings of the Artist

Well, hello everyone.  I have not done a blog in quite awhile so I thought that I would talk for a short while.  I really have no excuse for not contributing to this blog, but I find it difficult to communicate with a computer.

I have done a couple things that I want to say tonight.  I joined an Artists group on Facebook, and I realized that there are lots of people just like me that are struggling to break out of their shells and get their art moving.  So . . . I am not the only one!!!!

I have looked up some galleries here in London, Ontario and I am going to check them out this week.

I have picked up some good points from this group, At2Life Artists.  You don’t have to buy anything – you just join the group.  There are many artists who offer good advice.  The podcasts by Nicholas Wilton were extremely helpful for ideas about painting.

Right now, I am facing cataract surgery in September, and even though I am from the medical field, the though of having someone slice into my eyes terrifies me.  So many negative things pop into my head.  I really have no choice in this matter, and I hope the surgery goes well.  Painting and being creating are my final goals in my senior years.  This procedure should be very beneficial.

There is really not much -only a line or two just thanking people for reading my blog. That is it.

Come with me on my ride and let’s see what happens.  Have a question?  Just get in touch by filling out my Contact form.

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