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Fantasy chicken in brown on canvas initial concept
Picture of Sandy Disher
Sandy Disher
June 13, 2023

Finding Inspiration

Hello. Well, it has been at least 2 weeks since I have made an update to my blog so I thought that I would just add a comment.

I have spent some time on You Tube lately trying to find some inspiration for my painting. It seems that is a difficult task. Not much online to be positive about. I discovered that Yellowstone is a super volcano. When it goes it will take half of the USA with it and leave the world in a cold mess. Crops will fail from lack of sunlight. We sure as hell can’t fight a huge volcano like Yellowstone.

All kinds of negative things in the news. Politicians are crazy and not trustworthy. War is continuing all over the world. Animals are being abandoned at the side of roads. Left there to die. It goes on and on!

How can anyone be positive about life?

I don’t think that I will look at social media for inspiration. It seems to feed on the negative things in life and scares the hell out of me.

  I have finished a rough outline of what my fantasy chicken will look like. It is difficult to follow and is all one colour for now. I am thinking that I shall put some gold or copper leaf in the background to add interest and then concentrate on Momma chicken and her babies.

 I have started to work on 2 other paintings. Thinking of placing a bit of gold leaf on them for some accents. I will put the chicken painting in so you can see my progress. It’s not very nice to look at because I am constantly making changes. It is never ending.

I hope you folks do have a good week. Be kind to one another because we need kindness and love in this world.

Come with me on my ride and let’s see what happens.  Have a question?  Just get in touch by filling out my Contact form.

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