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Picture of Sandy Disher
Sandy Disher
May 15, 2023

The Artist’s Story

I have been away from my painting for almost one year and I find myself in an awkward place in my art career . After a major move to London Ontario, I find myself without a studio to do my fluid art .I am using this as an excuse not to paint.  I think that I have Painters Block!

I have thought about this for quite awhile .People don’t realize how difficult it is to be productive .You have to force yourself to get out there and do it.  Not for the public but for yourself.

Painting is very personal . Negativity can set in and block the  creative process . For me it is a constant battle .  I am not a famous painter but I know that I have skills that few people have and I should be happy but I am not .

I think that I am going to change things up and try a series of paintings in a different direction and that is why I am going to paint my Fantasy Chickens with the hope that I can break this block.  A white canvas is a difficult thing to approach! 

Come with me on my ride and let’s see what happens.  Have a question?  Just get in touch by filling out my Contact form.

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